Top 100 Vine Prank || February 2014 || BestVine

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Vanessa Ciangherotti says:


Rodney Coleman says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

MUST SEE!!!!!!!!

+Jason Miles

CptMonstar says:

9:00 The 3D, the best tag-team move ever!!!!!

shari04 says:

This is funny as hell!

Magna Anima says:

5:31 Lol, that was just hilarious hahahaha

Steamed Nut says:

The one when the guy got hit by a car shocked me so bad. My heart dropped

Marie Siller says:

6:40 that was mean :( 

Michelle Sarah says:

lol I love the smoking’s bad 4 u 

Eric Chan says:

Did that kid die at 4:11? Holy crap!

Hydro_Sorsa [FIN] says:


wizbang529 says:

6:38 one of the most evil things i’ve seen in a long time

Emma Young says:

did that guy really get hit by a car?!?!?!?!?

Psychubus says:

OMG 4:15 did that guy survive?!?!?!

Derik Soma says:

who made this?

suspect1240 says:

vine of 8:58 link or name plsss

everydecapitatedbody says:

fun prank: set your friends on fire

ivan perez says:

you will laugh hysterically. 

Jada Carr says:

Absolutely Hilarious!

Ryan Catley says:

Anyone know any of their account names so I can follow them?

aser19999 says:

5:31 best

sj6915 says:

Dunno why but 1:44 makes me die! So funny!

ombra3142 says:

I remember a time when there was a difference between pulling a prank and
being an asshole.

4rt3mqa says:

4:15 sad)))

Kevin Wemlinger says:

4:29 Smoking’s bad for you! Lol XD

Lydario says:

Some of these are funny, but most just make me ashamed to be a millennial.

rashe14 says:

Ну ни хуя ж не смешно.

Werter Todd says:

90% тупые шутки.

Олег Кошевой says:


Дмитрий Колтаков says:

05:31 Жесть просто!!!!!!!!!!

Валентин Юрьев says:


Adow Sfap says:

Как же это смешно хааххаха

Filipe Pereira says:

2:19 DAT SLAP !!!!

Vanessa Ciangherotti says:
Felix Zilber says:
skinmask1408 says:

юмор для тупых американцев

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