Quicksand – Kud

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Voiced by the hilarious Jake & Amir from: http://www.ifiwereyoushow.com KUD ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Kudsite.net KUD ON TWITTER: http://twitter….



TheOfficialEdge says:

So what kind of animations do you do when you aren’t completely ripping off
Cyanide & Happiness? 

Stacy Frazer says:

I find this funnier than I probably should 

CollegeHumor says:

Kud – Quicksand (feat. Jake & Amir)

Take it slow. Niiiiice and slow.
+Jake Hurwitz +Amir Blumenfeld 

elocin1964 says:

so this video is… an erection joke?

MrBronydash says:

It’s actually beter in english.
Screw the netherlands 

Daniel Chong says:

what did i just watch 

HungryGir says:

lol pewdiepie watched this

Ambie says:

Stupid piece of fuck

Shocked says:

What the actual fuck Pewds…

Benny Majestic says:

Thank you for making this.

PhantomlordPL says:

Okay Pewds. Okay… okay…. okay.. okay.. oka.y….

TheWolfx1vp says:


Nolan L says:

Just for you. 

Lois Ava says:

Dutch is better ya know

ImEmily says:

……. Done.
* Shoots self *

Edesse Sapere says:


Isaac Clarke says:

Dafuq!?! It’s well done doe

RainWolfey says:

wtf pewds…

Adam Stinnett says:

+Aarynn Stinnett 

Gerben Sap says:

+MrBronydash no netherlands? No kud

AilieTheWolf says:

Is he fetish with girls in quicksand now??

Shakira Uchiha says:


ThePieroGames says:

Pieter approves this shit!

Stephan Gebbers says:

TheAniMouth says:

holy shit dude. Jake and amir voices?
nice man.

AyseTV says:

Hi bros

Tok Tik says:

What was Pewds doing here XD ?

Thomas Jäger says:

I find this funnier than I probably should 

Daniel Chong says:


Ambie says:

Shut your fuckin mouth mrbronydash!!!!!!!

Ambie says:

Shut your fuckin mouth Mrbronydash!!!!!!

CrapHunters says:

I hate it when dutchs people say like ; bla bla *bad grammar* this is made
by the dutch bla bla *bad grammar* i think 70% of the dutch population is

Christopher Counts says:

thats gay!

Jona Klapwijk says:

Super afgepakt

JakeyMikeySmithey says:

they got this from family guy i think :3

LykkeLy86 says:

Omg translate mooooore!! I need moooore!!! 

1990CODPRO says:

WTF did I just see?

my.tarnn says:

What did i just watch…

Ken Beimer says:

This shit is so much better in English! :-D

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