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BestVineVideos says:

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MarioLuigi7097 says:


CroatianLeague says:


sopradu30 says:

song 4:58 pls ?

Veronica Martinez says:

More Than Half The Bitches On Here Couldn’t Twerk . Lol Smh 

1Nerd says:

2:15 song name?

evoking12345 says:

Lol short ass dick

Imran Sardar says:

Bitches, we already have porn, whatcha tryin’?

~WalkingForFun~ says:

OMG wtf happened with this girls of this days….this is so sad….

tinkerbella7391 says:

the amount of underage girls made me really uncomfortable

Darius Chocobo says:

Wow guys with their girlfriends twerking…these guys probably like to give
their wives to strangers to fuck…Or they are just fuck buddies, they
don’t care about these stuff.

TRENEX 379 says:

It’s amazing how the black girls have to come in to show the white girls
how it’s done.

Rafael Baptista says:


Anthony Uceda says:

Song 3:08 pls?

kboxer119 says:

Damn 4:30 on his face.. Haha cool

Atanas Kostow says:

lol this movement have to be forbidden :D

Desmond Carradine says:

Twerk like this and get some hits

alexis leggett says:

These bitches can’t twerk only one bitch could actually twerk on here 

Selena Ramos says:

Mostly the dumb girls do that! Haha there stupid as hell! XD

YumiXiao says:

song at 2:50 plz ?

Bwoi Meemz says:

Girls looking good..

Superyder Oriox says:

it is called the song of 2:22 min


3:32 song plis!!!

GrinerKlos says:

Song at 3:30 = DJ Snake – Bird Machine feat. Alesia

robytrice22 says:

Does anyone know where the original vine for the girls at 3:30 is so I can
follow them

Xzenock0343 says:

So stupid, i was at a parking lad and saw 3 girls doing it in a car Like
wtf so random >.<

Niajah Mitchell says:

Lol this shit thou

İsmail Civanalan says:

1.57 bestt :)

Shauzy Warrior says:

The fact that there were so many chicks that looked 15-16 is saddening. 

ruddy paola says:

2:28, somebody knows who she is? *____* 

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