Epic Fail Vine – Scare Cam – Prank – Vine Compilation Part 1

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TheRtas says:

Who the fuck scares a kid?

Jofe Marco Pacilan says:

1:25 Dear God in heaven. 

NaginnahNibor says:

what’s the song at the end?

Galhalho says:

What the fuck…The dog on 4:55 is exactly like my dog that died some
months ago O.O WTF

shahter mine says:


Joseph Guo says:

who thought 4:30 is genius?

Skull Toy says:

7:50 teaches you… : Never mess with a Asian!

Le Caper says:


Ademchig :) says:

4:36 please name!! 

gelisa baniala says:

The best is 7:29

TheReviera says:

Never scare CHILDREN!!!!!

TheGaza93 says:

5:02 XDDDDD 

Kevin Basden says:

Scaring kids shows some real inner problems, but the rest is funny.

TheReviera says:

3:33 Lebron James???

Filippo Casciarri says:

1:45 dat ass tho

Cátá A. says:

2:37 “FUCKIN` BITCH ! ” =)))))))))))

Nastya Savitskaya says:
TheGaza93 says:

7:33 :O…..ouch…..XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nightshrike says:

9:53 …. Dat smile..

nightmare8675309 says:

wtf is wrong with the ungrateful girl at 5:26 enjoy the vodka 

John Sabzi says:

What music in the end?)

DKT Queiros says:

7:01 fuc***g amazing lool

Sam Price says:

So many fakes….

Ростислав Козак says:

please dont scare kids =(

Jon Barber says:

1:23 The kid sounded like a 20 year smoker!!!!

riley Bc says:

Best bit 46

Faysal Elm says:

The baby at 6:26 is so fuckin cute! Awe!

asobomb says:

someone please tell me there’s a full length version of the awesome music
at the very end of the video!

Mohammad Maghrabi says:

What’s the name of the music in 2:29?

SirPsycho92 says:


christopher mistry says:


bulgiriri says:

2:29 lol :D

dcont066 says:

3:50 what is that guy videos?

Andrew Rocha says:

7:49 what

neam09 says:

0:55 – “you need jesus”

x3eLaLovex3 says:

2:29 Rammstein!!

Паша Дунец says:

what this 4:29

TheJBronson says:

4:42 where can i find that clip?

Carla Chung says:


Yesenia Gutierrez says:

The 1st one

Randy Cunningham says:


HJG628 says:

I nearly had a stroke laughing so much at the last one.

Xtrem says:

2:29 best part

TimurHDL says:

What the Fox Say? Niminiminimi

GrayQA says:

:45 ewwwwww FUCK! almost cried lololol

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